Recent mentions for Commodore Format in Computer Shopper (did we really say the C64 isn’t for hardcore nerds in a slightly passive aggressive way? Yes :/) and a bunch of YouTube vids have given the site a wee uptick in traffic, so if you’re here for the first time it’s really nice to see you. This website celebrates Commodore Format back then and the Commodore 64 now, with all sorts of delicious crossovers. New this week is our look at July 1992’s Power Pack, with the somewhat polarising C64 convo of Robocod. It’s the whole game, that’s for sure, but that isn’t what irks its detractors. Have a read and tell us what you think of it (we’re big fans).

Later on this week (Saturday, to be exact) it’s CF‘s 29th birthday. There’ll be a special long read for Patrons about the games industry and the mags in 1990 and a host of familiar voices telling the story. To read that, just support us for $1 a month and get access to a bunch of cool stuff. As an extra funky bonus, one person who’s a paid-up Patron on September 30th will get a signed copy of the Action Replay Pokes Booklet from issue 7, and a copy of the original manuscript (signed by Andy Roberts, that is, who wrote it).

Right, I’ll let you get on with the Power Pack article now – it’s also got some stuff on Hover Bovver in there which you’ll like. Enjoy it, and see you over on social media to carry on the chat. We’re posting C64 birthday cakes on Twitter all week – come and revel in their awfulness with us. CF