…no joke! Thanks for being so understanding during our Winter break, especially if you’re one of our really valued supporters via Patreon (you’re not being charged  during this time, and things will kick in retrospectively  from May 1st. We’ve taken down the links to it for now, but when we’re back you can join again).

So, why the break? Well, after seven years – and an especially intense couple of years since we started Patreon – we just needed the space to think about where the site goes next and build up a “buffer” of new stuff to cover the time we’re  on holiday, unwell or not inspired. And, to be honest, the break was needed to stay enthused and come back refreshed to the thing we love too.  There was also a need to really knuckle down and crack the boring stuff of creating and uploading new images and making everything look good on the new site design. The old  one was created in a different era, for desktop and small monitors, and just didn’t work well at all on lovely big screens or mobile devices. Slowly,  we’re giving every page a lick of paint and generally pulling our trousers up to remedy that. Cheers for the patience there!

. Keep up with us  on Facebook and Twitter by searching our name, thanks for supporting CF and the C64, and see you in the Spring. Peace! Neil Grayson, Editor