…a little earlier than we thought, too 🙂 Our latest article is available now for Patrons,  and will be available for everyone on Saturday March 7th (edit – click the link, it’s now available for everyone!)

The week’s long read is our look at the software which came stuck to the front of Commodore Format 25 in October 1992. It’s The One With Saracen Paint. We’ve spoken to programmer Jon Wells, who’s made loads of cool stuff with it for his games, about why it’s so great. There’s also a chat with the  guy behind this month’s full game, and some bits on Hagar the Horrible. It’s a divisive game, unfairly panned we think, but little seen in the UK because the distribution deal fell through. We’ve found a download of the  never-seen English version for you to play.

So I hope you enjoy it all. Over the winter break I’d forgotten how much (enjoyable) work these articles are. It isn’t just finding people or negotiating decades-old  politics to get to the meat of stories. You think you’re done and then you realise you need somebody who can speak German to translate a review in 64-ER!

Going deep and finding new things to say about games that  most people are ignoring is my fave thing about doing this, though. I’m glad you’re here for the ride. The link for this piece is here – for the password, log in to Patreon or go to your inbox. And if you want to sign up, go here. Cheers! Neil Grayson, Editor