What with the internet lasting forever and everything, I think the first thing we should do here is say that this wee update is being written smack bang in the middle of the Coronovirus pandemic on April 29th, 2020. Some countries are beginning to unlock and return to a little bit of “normality”, whatever that might now be. Others aren’t, and remain indoors save for an hour of exercise or a trip to the shops every day.

As you’d probably expect, Commodore Format has seen a bit of an upswing in traffic. Some of that – most of it, really – is because we’ve all got more time on our hands. But I wonder if The Way The World Is right now has caused a chunk of us to stop and think about our lives so far and rediscover old passions. Every day we get a Tweet from somebody who’s positively triggered by the mere mention of Creatures or Midnight Resistance, instantly transported back to grey and red bedrooms of the early ’90s. Often they haven’t thought about CF or C64 in years, and find us through idle Googling. It’s for you that I write, and it makes me feel good to know we’re shining a bit of light into lives at such a strange point in our existence. Cheers!

So, this weekend there’ll be our Power Pack 27 feature. That’s the one that included the Sceptre of Baghdad demo, but it’s a game with a history and a few twists in its tail. We caught up with the game’s coder, Jon Wells, who’ll be telling us more. (EDIT: that’s now here!) After that, I’m really happy to say Warren ‘Waz’ Pilkington will be back. You absolutely loved his look under the hood of Indiana Jones last year, so he’s been having a similar tinker with Ocean’s 1991 adventure Hudson Hawk. Follow us on the socials for more on that one. It’ll also show up on the front page if you can’t face our daily onslaught of Dick Tracy memes.

Finally, our Patreon page ended this week. If you’ve ever donated $1 a month I hope you’ve enjoyed all the exclusives and long reads we’ve had up there, and let it be known that without your support the site wouldn’t be self hosted or even have a domain name (yep, I’m that skint). I’m training for a new career right now. Study plus work plus the family plus isolating ‘cos of Coronavirus meant it’s all got a bit much and I can’t commit to weekly content anymore. But CF isn’t going anywhere, it’ll just be at a bit more of a sedate pace. You can still say “thanks!” and put some money into the site’s running cost via Paypal, as a one-off or monthly recurring sort of thing here. That can be done via your Paypal funds, or a credit card.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all the chat on the socials – talk again soon. Stay safe! Neil Grayson, Editor