Heya 64-sters and thanks for your continued and incredible support for Commodore Format. Thanks to you, we raised enough money last week to keep the site online until August 2021. It took under 24 hours! We’ll put up a page of 2020/1 supporters in the next few weeks.

The focus as we approach the 30th anniversary in the Autumn is to make sure that every issue’s home page is neat and tidy and links to a download, a subscriber newsletter and a separate Power Pack piece. Everything, for every issue, in one place. It’s a task! That means we’ll probably be a bit quieter on social media, but regular visitors to the site will notice everything starting to look generally better and easier to find. We’ll always be here, and we’ll always be adding new and interesting things for as long as you want to read. Keep an eye on this front page blog type bit (techie term) to make sure you don’t miss a thing, especially as we run up to the big birthday in late September.

Meantime, here’s our regular look around the month we’re in if you like all that “who remembers” type stuff.

JUNE 1991

A rare themed issue of CF, this. The fantasy special took in reviews of Heroquest, Gauntlet III and Ultima VI. A neat little budget game from Hewson’s Rack-It label on the covertape proved to be the star of the month, though. Read more about it here.

JUNE 1992

It’s the One With The Steg The Slug Score Card! You ruined it forever by writing on it in Biro, didn’t you? If you managed to get it off the cover without tearing the artwork, you’ll also have seen that this month’s big game was Chuck Rock. There’s a story behind that one – clicky.

JUNE 1993

Commodore Format looked very different this month. It had a glossy cover too. The C64 was changing, and so was CF: it’s crazy to think that even though the games were trickling down to almost nothing, the mag was only halfway through its run. There’s a review of the much underplayed Sleepwalker, which is Ocean’s last C64 game, this month.

JUNE 1994

Flashback? On C64? Surely not! Well no, actually. But Electric Boys talked a good gameRepton 3 (that’s the image up there) was on the tape.

JUNE 1995

Issue 57 was one of the stronger later issues. Loads of PD, making music on C64 and something called “the internet” explained.

There’s plenty to keep you going there, and it’s all been added to and given a face lift. Enjoy it, and thanks again for reading. Neil Grayson, Editor