There were three new articles on Commodore Format this month. In the same week that Fall Guys became the talk of the gaming town, we whizzed back to 1993 for a closer look at issue 37’s super fun Over The Edge feature. It imagines a world decades into the future, where everyone you see on screen is a real person sitting many miles away. If you remember VR, 3DO and the Sega/Nintendo wars, this one’s for you too. Wonder if this lady’s neck ever recovered? :/

virtuality promo


Warren Pilkington was back in August too, ‘cos what’s a month without a Waz listing? This time around, he walks us through the making of his most popular work – the Codemasters Multi Hack.

We also had time to look back at another Power Pack, with our long running series reaching January 1993 – a tippy time for C64, as tons of kids had just got a new console for Christmas and the Bread Bin’s game schedule was looking a bit thin. Issue 28’s tape had a fair go at papering the cracks with one of the best flying games on the machine and four demos.


It’s now three whole decades since issue one of CF was published. Or it will be on September 20th, anyway. To celebrate, we’re…going to surprise you. There’ll be three big new things to read, all tied into the first issue, and with words from folk who’ve never – or rarely – spoken before. See you back here soon for Commodore Format’s 30th (!) birthday, then. We think you’re going to enjoy it. Toodles. Neil Grayson, Editor