I (that’s me, Neil, the site editor, hi) am on a break from the site at the moment, but articles are still being published automatically and you’ll hear about them first by finding us on social media (just search our name). In case you’re sensible enough to avoid stuff like Twitter and FB entirely, though, here’s what you might’ve missed:

THE COMMODORE 64 GAMES SYSTEM: The full story behind the strange, outdated console that was really just a Commodore without a keyboard – thirty years on from its facepalmy release. There’s more to the story than you might think – hear about it from some of the people that were there.

TRAFFIC, AND HOW HUNGARIAN GAMES FOR THE COMMODORE 64 GOT BIG: Really interesting one, this, and you’ve probably played more Commie stuff for your Commie than you think. I’m fired, aren’t I?

MAYHEM IN LIVES BUG LAND: Warren Pilkington is back on Commodore Format! Here’s how he fixed a famous game’s equally famous bug. Anorak heaven!

POWER PACK 29 FEATURE: Two games on February 1993’s tape are probably more fun as a grown-up. And there’s Battle Ships!

There’s more to come before the end of the year, including the story of the unassuming Californian man who brought dozens of games to the C64 and whom you’ve probably never heard of. As well as that, I’m using the down time (all the features being published are already written, see) to generally tidy up the site and add new info or make it easier to read. The archiving and housekeeping is as important as anything if we’re to tell the story of a great magazine and a great era for Commodore games for future generations to enjoy. Thanks for helping me do it. I’ll talk to you again before Christmas. Neil Grayson, Editor