We’d by lying if we said we were totally angry about this because it does at least give us a chance to use this photograph of a kangaroo, but it’s still with some annoyance that we have to report that our Facebook page has been caught up in this nonsense so is currently unavailable to our Antipodean buddies. Reset 64 sent us this earlier today (19/2/2021):

This is almost certainly because we’re listed on there as a “magazine”. Some reports suggest that simply changing your status to “gift shop” or whatever can sort this out straight away, but we’re on the case to get this mistake reversed properly. Sit tight, and keep following us on Twitter.

In other news, Warren Pilkington is back on CF today! To read about his time on Zzap! 64 (some great stories in there), click here. And as Lemmings is 30 years old this week, why not revisit issue 39 for the Commodore 64 story? It isn’t the best version of the game by a stretch, but it has the honour of being the last game back in the day you could buy from a shop shelf (copyrighted 1994, no less).

Plenty to come on CF in the Spring, including part three of our C64GS series and an in-depth feature on early ’90s software heroes Hi-Tec. Thanks for reading – talk to you on the socials. Er, best make it Twitter, Australia. Neil Grayson, Editor