The Mighty Brain’s very first Big Question had us all pretending we had something in our eye. Join us and mourn our lost yout…er, talk about the very first time you encountered a Commodore 64. Hankies at the ready. 

“When Dad bought one and placed it in his cellar office, the first thing he fired up for me was Pole Position. The smell of the carpeted cellar with the smell of the C64 (I’m sure you can relate to that?) is one of my fondest memories of childhood. No one but a selected few of my geekiest friends knew what I saw in that brown box. I feel lucky to have been part of it. It can’t be the same to think back on the first PC being a Quad core 4 GHz with 1 Tb storage and a 27″ full hd monitor.” Øystein Mørk

“Sneaking a peek in the living room on Christmas morning and seeing a blue glow on the wall coming from the TV.” Dougie Badger

“It was being taunted by a mate who was blasting the Master of the Lamps music out of another kid’s bedroom window and they wouldn’t let me in to see it!” They Were Our Gods

“Excitedly collecting my C64 from the back door of Comet in Plymouth in the early ’80s and going home to play the C90 tape I’d already copied from a friend, starting with Tapper. The Comet store is now long closed off ‘course, but whenever I see that back door the memories still come flooding back.” Mark Wray

“Shouting at Dad to “push the space bar!” as he stared at the Terminator 2 cartridge intro trying to work out this alien thing he got his son for Xmas. Just like the VCR, he was terrified I would break it. And just like the VCR he was completely clueless as to how to operate it.” Simon Williams

“Typing in that program listing from the manual to make the hot air balloon fly across the screen.” Geat

“Mine was seeing it running in my living room. I’d never seen one before, let alone played one. I’d wanted a Spectrum but my Mum was forced into getting a C64…she was told it was better. Then some chap from Rumbelows set it up for us. So my first memory was some sales assistant playing Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’Fun.” Scott Weir

mightybrain_jarThe Mighty Brain asks his Big Question every Thursday on our Facebook page. Like us and take part to see your memories on these pages! Go back to the Mighty Brain’s Big Question home page by clicking hereThe new Mighty Brain artwork was created for us by Cameron Davis, who makes video game comics at Blow The Cartridge. Cheers, Cameron!


  1. My earliest memory of it was, I think, Christmas 1988. I’d gotten it as my first computer and since it was second hand, it came with vast library of games which made me levitate with excitement.

    The first thing I did was load up ‘Blockbusters’, and to this day I can remember that moment it finished loading, and it appeared on our old Ferguson wood-panelled telly 🙂


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