It’s here at last! Get Power Pack 64 by clicking up there! Some of these games have real depth and longevity and you’ll need the instructions to get the most out of them. Don’t be shy – they’re all below.


…and it’s (sob) the last one! Kind of cool that we rounded up to number 64 though, eh? Anyway. Enough of this. Here’s the download and all the info on the stuff you’ve got to play this time.



phase out 1OK. Here we go! There are FIVE FULL GAMES on this tape! First up, PHASE OUT is fifty levels of slick puzzle action. It really is something truly special. Programmed with care and attention to detail, the guys have even give us the original instructions and codesheets for you to download.

NEH2Then there’s NOT EVEN HUMAN (INHUMANE EDITION), a frantic-paced two-player strategic alien battle game! This was hand picked as a matter of priority – we really, really wanted it for the final Power Pack. People can and are producing unique, smart, well made games for the C64 and this is a classic example. It’ll take a while to get your head ’round but like all the best games, once you’re in the swing you’ll be hooked.

TFChanging tact again, TUTTI FRUTTI 64 is a cute conversion of the Commodore 16 classic. We’ve been keen to mix up the variety on the tape again this time around and this definitely does the job. In fact, we’d like to see more C16 conversions! Whilst you run around collecting fruit from the orchard, make sure to notice the great rendition of the original theme tune.

assembloidsASSEMBLOIDS is another unique game we have been keen to get onto the Power Pack for a while. It’s a reflex based arcade puzzler that sees you shifting tiles – and it would easily have stood up back in the day on the shop shelves. Again, it is just beautifully programmed and produced. And it is a game that again we’ve picked out because we think you’ll be at it for hours and hours!

scramble 2015Finally, something VERY new for you! Tom Kite’s C64 version of the 1980s arcade game SCRAMBLE is awesome, and this version V1.12 is just for you!  

Click the game’s title anywhere on these pages to get full instructions. Most of ’em have got a guide on screen when you load up, but for a few games in particular there’s lots you need to know so it’s worth a look. In some cases there are original PDFs and password charts, so take advantage!


CREDITS: Mastering and loader by Richard Bayliss. Cover by Dr. Bongo. Thanks to Kenz, Frank Gasking, Vinny Mainolfi and all the authors! This is a free download for a bit of fun. We’re not connected with Future plc.


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