It’s just our mere opinion, but we reckon Commodore Format 2 features one of the worst – or at the very least most misleading – covers of its entire run.

The cover star is Rick Dangerous. And he looks, well, wrong. He’s been drawn all pumped up and serious and you’d be forgiven for thinking that his second computer game outing is something along the lines of Midnight Resistance. 

In fact, RD2 is a slick and – dare we say it – cute looking arcade/platform/puzzle game. You take control of Rick moments after he’s boarded a spacecraft taking off from London’s Hyde Park. It’s your job to help him stop aliens invading the earth and blah.

There are five levels and over 300 screens to jump, shoot and blast around. It’s difficult, but packed with neat features to keep you coming back: you can play any of the first four levels from the start, for example. Fairly standard stuff now but it was years ahead of its time in 1990. Even better, there’s more than one way to finish each stage. Core Design’s thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail are apparent on every screen. It’s just funCF

CF SAID: “The sprites look so good it’s a shame to zap them! Extremely playable.”

WE SAY: Loads of puzzles, spot on collision detection and you don’t get sent back to the start every time you die. A brilliant arcade platform game. 



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