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Diary of a Game Buster with Andy Roberts

It’s fair to say that Gamebusters was by far the most popular section of Commodore Format, receiving hundreds of letters every month from anguished players and budding tipsters alike. From […]


Here’s an article about Creatures from issue one that didn’t make it to print. It’s ace.

An unpublished profile Apex Computer Productions, intended for Commodore Format issue 1.


Essential ’90s games to play on your new TheC64 or Mini

Best C64 games of the ’90s for your Mini! Exile, Midnight Resistance, Turbo Charge, Blues Brothers, Exterminator


The Warren ‘Waz’ Pilkington Interview

Warren Pilkington is nothing more than a legend in C64 circles. Through Commodore Format’s GameBusters section, he wrote hundreds of hacks to help people cheat their way through the toughest of games. Waz is […]