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Nick Vivid’s lyric video for “Trainers” was “created entirely on a Commodore 64”

19th September 2021 10:31 BST New York solo artist Nick Vivid says that the lyric video for his new single Trainers was “made entirely on a Commodore 64”. On his […]

NEW! My favourite game: The Human Race

Andrew B tells Commodore Format why John Ferrari’s 1985 action game The Human Race is special for him. The ‘80s was the last proper decade. Anyone who didn’t experience it […]

NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 31 (April, 1993)

Three full games Two demos One PD showcase Read the mag tape pages We’re about halfway in the series now and, yeah, the tapes start to get naffer as the […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Arachnophobia

Film: 1990, Walt Disney Studios  Game: 1991, Walt Disney Computer Software (C64 version disk only)  Reviews here, cover art and adverts here  If Ghostbusters is the movie tie-in every C64 […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Hudson Hawk

HUDSON HAWK  Film: 1991, Silver Pictures  Game: 1991, Ocean  Review here, cover art and adverts here  Here’s a real novelty: an 8-bit computer game that was actually better than the […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Give My Regards To Broad Street

Film: 1984 (US/UK), 1985 (rest of world), 2004 (DVD) Game: Spring 1985 (C64/Spectrum), Argus Review here and cover art, adverts etc here  Gameplay video and watch the whole film Give My Regards To […]

How much did a Commodore 64 cost in the UK when CF launched, and what came in the box?

When Commodore Format launched on September 20th 1990, the computer world was a bit different to the story that is imagined today. It’s true that 16-bit machines were both available […]