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NEW! Hudson Hawk’s One Byte Bug

Commodore Format’s Warren ‘Waz’ Pilkington is back, and he’s noticed something amiss in Ocean’s cracking puzzle platformer Hudson Hawk… Back in issue 14 (December 1991) Commodore Format gave a very […]

NEW! Commodore Format Power Pack 27 (December, 1992)

Commodore Format Power Pack 27, with Alternative World Games, Deflektor, The Muncher, Sceptre of Baghdad version 1 and Loadmaster.


Here’s an article about Creatures from issue one of Commodore Format that didn’t make it to print. It’s ace.

An unpublished profile Apex Computer Productions, intended for Commodore Format issue 1.

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We’re now funded until August 2021! Thanks to everyone who helped us reach out target on June 2nd and 3rd. The website underwent a huge overhaul in design and content […]