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NEW! Commodore Format at the movies: Arachnophobia

Film: 1990, Walt Disney Studios  Game: 1991, Walt Disney Computer Software (C64 version disk only)  Reviews here, cover art and adverts here  If Ghostbusters is the movie tie-in every C64 […]

NEW! Commodore Format at the movies: Hudson Hawk

HUDSON HAWK  Film: 1991, Silver Pictures  Game: 1991, Ocean  Review here, cover art and adverts here  Here’s a real novelty: an 8-bit computer game that was actually better than the […]

NEW! Commodore Format at the movies: Give My Regards To Broad Street

Film: 1984 (US/UK), 1985 (rest of world), 2004 (DVD) Game: Spring 1985 (C64/Spectrum), Argus Review here and cover art, adverts etc here  Gameplay video and watch the whole film Give My Regards To […]

NEW! How much did a Commodore 64 cost in the UK when CF launched, and what came in the box?

When Commodore Format launched on September 20th 1990, the computer world was a bit different to the story that is imagined today. It’s true that 16-bit machines were both available […]

NEW! The man who brought the movies to your Commodore 64

To start our new Commodore Format At The Movies series, here’s a deeper dive into one  of Commodore Format’s best ever moments: issue 4’s special about games based on blockbuster films. […]

My favourite game: Retrograde

Before Apex went cute with Creatures, there was Retrograde. Here’s how their classy blaster helped Rory Stamp settle in to a new and very different life… Until I bought this […]

Turbo The Tortoise is one of Hi-Tec’s greatest games

In part two of our series on Sheffield’s Hi-Tec Software, we break away from the cartoon licenses to enjoy their platform original. Turbo The Tortoise was a fine, colourful, collectable […]