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NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 33 (June, 1993)

Commodore Format Power Pack 33 retrospective, featuring Water Polo, ATA, Snackman and Corya Part 2. Plus, Sprite Demo.

NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 32 (May, 1993)

Commodore Format Power Pack 32, with Steel, Corya Part One, Thrust, FROST and Warren Pilkington’s Multihack

Rik Henderson: How we made Commodore Power magazine

Rik Henderson on Your Commodore, Commodore Power and his part in GamesMaster.

Every C64GS game: Plotting

Ocean software, due late November/early December 1990 but unreleased Original score: 80%, issue 3 Read the Commodore Format review Games were becoming more ambitious and complex by 1990, so the […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Ghostbusters

Film: 1984, Colombia  Game: 1984, Activision  Review here, cover art and adverts here  Everyone’s got their favourite part of Activision’s 1984 Ghostbusters convo: it’s usually the sampled speech whenever you […]

Every C64GS game: Chase HQ II – Special Criminal Investigation

Ocean Software, late November/early December 1990 Original score: 74%, issue 3 Read the Commodore Format review The original Chase HQ on C64 is one of the naffest arcade conversions on […]

Nick Vivid’s lyric video for “Trainers” was “created entirely on a Commodore 64”

19th September 2021 10:31 BST New York solo artist Nick Vivid says that the lyric video for his new single Trainers was “made entirely on a Commodore 64”. On his […]