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NEW! Commodore Format at the movies: Give My Regards To Broad Street

Film: 1984 (US/UK), 1985 (rest of world), 2004 (DVD) Game: Spring 1985 (C64/Spectrum), Argus Review here and cover art, adverts etc here  Gameplay video and watch the whole film Give My Regards To […]

NEW! How much did a Commodore 64 cost in the UK when CF launched, and what came in the box?

When Commodore Format launched on September 20th 1990, the computer world was a bit different to the story that is imagined today. It’s true that 16-bit machines were both available […]

NEW! The man who brought the movies to your Commodore 64

To start our new Commodore Format At The Movies series, here’s a deeper dive into one  of Commodore Format’s best ever moments: issue 4’s special about games based on blockbuster films. […]

NEW! My favourite game: Retrograde

Before Apex went cute with Creatures, there was Retrograde. Here’s how their classy blaster helped Rory Stamp settle in to a new and very different life… Until I bought this […]

NEW! Turbo The Tortoise is one of Hi-Tec’s greatest games

In part two of our series on Sheffield’s Hi-Tec Software, we break away from the cartoon licenses to enjoy their platform original. Turbo The Tortoise was a fine, colourful, collectable […]

NEW! Kent Murray: the story of The Bod Squad

You’ve been asking for this one for ages, so here it is. The squidgy flick screen platformer The Bod Squad captured the hearts of thousands when a demo appeared on […]

NEW! From Sheffield to California, this is the Hi-Tec Software story

What is it about Sheffield and great computer games? The South Yorkshire city has been the home of some classic publishers. Today on Commodore Format we’ve got part one of […]