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NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 35 (August, 1993)

Unusually, CF was scooped to the first glimpse of C64 LEMMINGS by Commodore Force – but there was nothing usual about the suicidal rodents’ long walk to the C64. You’re […]

NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 34 (July, 1993)

SHELLSHOCK We’ve touched on Beyond Belief before. They’re the Northamptonshire publisher whose plans for an avalanche of Commodore 64 games were strangled when most high street stores ceased 8-bit trading […]

NEW! A look at Commodore Format Power Pack 33 (June, 1993)

Commodore Format Power Pack 33 retrospective, featuring Water Polo, ATA, Snackman and Corya Part 2. Plus, Sprite Demo.

Commodore Format Power Pack 32 (May, 1993)

Commodore Format Power Pack 32, with Steel, Corya Part One, Thrust, FROST and Warren Pilkington’s Multihack

Rik Henderson: How we made Commodore Power magazine

Rik Henderson on Your Commodore, Commodore Power and his part in GamesMaster.

Every C64GS game: Plotting

Ocean software, due late November/early December 1990 but unreleased Original score: 80%, issue 3 Read the Commodore Format review Games were becoming more ambitious and complex by 1990, so the […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Ghostbusters

Film: 1984, Colombia  Game: 1984, Activision  Review here, cover art and adverts here  Everyone’s got their favourite part of Activision’s 1984 Ghostbusters convo: it’s usually the sampled speech whenever you […]