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Rik Henderson: How we made Commodore Power magazine

Rik Henderson on Your Commodore, Commodore Power and his part in GamesMaster.

Every C64GS game: Plotting

Ocean software, due late November/early December 1990 but unreleased Original score: 80%, issue 3 Read the Commodore Format review Games were becoming more ambitious and complex by 1990, so the […]

Commodore Format at the movies: Ghostbusters

Film: 1984, Colombia  Game: 1984, Activision  Review here, cover art and adverts here  Everyone’s got their favourite part of Activision’s 1984 Ghostbusters convo: it’s usually the sampled speech whenever you […]

Every C64GS game: Chase HQ II – Special Criminal Investigation

Ocean Software, late November/early December 1990 Original score: 74%, issue 3 Read the Commodore Format review The original Chase HQ on C64 is one of the naffest arcade conversions on […]

Nick Vivid’s lyric video for “Trainers” was “created entirely on a Commodore 64”

19th September 2021 10:31 BST New York solo artist Nick Vivid says that the lyric video for his new single Trainers was “made entirely on a Commodore 64”. On his […]

NEW! My favourite game: The Human Race

Andrew B tells Commodore Format why John Ferrari’s 1985 action game The Human Race is special for him. The ‘80s was the last proper decade. Anyone who didn’t experience it […]

Commodore Format Power Pack 31 (April, 1993)

Three full games Two demos One PD showcase Read the mag tape pages We’re about halfway in the series now and, yeah, the tapes start to get naffer as the […]