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NEW: Power Pack 22 from July ’92, with Robocod + more

Commodore Format Power Pack 22 from July 1992. Robocod, DJ Puff, Hover Bovver, Agent Orange.


EXCLUSIVE: Devolver Digital’s Minit is coming to the C64 courtesy of Thalamus

Minit for the Commodore 64. Minit 64 release date, screenshots, interview and video!


Parasol Stars finally comes to C64…exclusive first chat with the programmer!

Parasol Stars for the Commodore 64 is finally coming! We’ve spoken to the game’s programmer exclusively.

Read, download and explore every issue of Commodore Format online here.

Here is every Commodore Format! Every issue has its own page; click to read the feature, watch videos, get behind the scenes gossip and – yes – download the mag […]

Latest Commodore 64 and C64 Mini news

By virtue of the fact you’re here, you probably already know this – but in case you don’t, the C64 is enjoying something of an upswing in the 21st Century. […]


CF’S 20 Best Budget games

Roger Frames buys budget games…and these are the ones he loved the most. The 20 top rated budget games on Commodore 64 between 1990 and 1995, reviewed in Commodore Format.


Three NEW Commodore Format Power Packs to download!

This is not one of those dreams where you think it’s 1990 again. There really are three brand new Power Packs for you to download and enjoy on your C64, […]