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Commodore 64 fan clubs from the ’90s: part two

The story behind Alternative Software, 8-bit budget game pioneers on C64, Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.


Famous Five for the C64 couldn’t be more Enid Blyton

A review and retrospective of Five on a Treasure Island for the Commodore 64, release by Enigma Variations in 1992. It’s based on Enid Blyton’s book.


NEW SERIES: Diary of a Game Buster with Andy Roberts

It’s fair to say that Gamebusters was by far the most popular section of Commodore Format, receiving hundreds of letters every month from anguished players and budding tipsters alike. From […]


Indiana Jones and the Fate of the Bugged Title Tune

Warren ‘Waz’ Pilkington debugs one of Martin Walker’s classic C64 tunes and walks Commodore Format through it step by step…

CF’s Games That Weren’t: incredible stories about unreleased software

A look at the games CF got really excited about that, in the end, were never released. There are some amazing stories here – drunk wives, mad Italians and the Curse […]

Mayhem In Monsterland: the full story

One game, above all others, is intrinsically linked with Commodore Format: the 100% rated platformer, Mayhem In Monsterland. We’ve probably talked about it more than any other title here on the Commodore […]


Three NEW Commodore Format Power Packs to download!

This is not one of those dreams where you think it’s 1990 again. There really are three brand new Power Packs for you to download and enjoy on your C64, […]