25TH BIRTHDAY Presented by TMB, here are all our celebrations from September 2015. It’ll be the 30th soon, and we’ll feel even older. God.

3 NEW POWERPACKS! Yep, there really are some new cassettes to download in virtual form or transfer to your real C64. And they’re full of great new stuff, so why are you reading this? Go get ’em.

ALL MAYHEM IN MONSTERLAND FEATURES Whatever your feelings on the game that needs no introduction, we’ve got the definitive story here so you can get angry about it all over again. Yup.

BUYER’S GUIDE Collecting CF all over again? Don’t get ripped off. Here are some tips from the experts.

C64 NEWS We break exciting new C64 stories before anybody else.

C64 VISUAL COMMPENDIUM BOOKS Edited by Steve Jarratt, these hardback beauties are just like reading CF. And CF is even in volume 2, written by us. Hoorah!

CAUGHT ON CAMERA Some cracking archive footage here, and some less cracking haircuts.

CF AT CHRISTMAS All the games Santa brought you in the ’90s!

CF’S BEST OF BUDGET The greatest £3.99-ers rounded up. Hear from the guys behind the pocket money games, and discover some secrets.

CF’S TOP RATED GAMES The highest scoring games in the mag’s history.

CF’S WORST RATED GAMES The bottom of the barrel is actually quite entertaining. Ever wondered why Dick Tracy was so bad? We’ve investigated, and the story might well surprise you!

CREATURES: UNSEEN ISSUE 1 ARTICLE Wowsers! Yep, this pre-fame profile of John and Steve Rowlands – and a little peek at the legendary Creatures – can be read for the very first time.

CREATURE FEATURE Andy Roberts on the making of a very special issue of CF.

DIARY OF A GAME BUSTER  It’s our most ambitious series to date, chronicling every month in the life of Commodore Format‘s most popular section. This first instalment is available now for everybody. The rest – all 60 (!) parts – is for everyone kind enough to give us $1 a month on Patreon. $1 a month. That’s it. And it keeps the site running forever. You know it makes sense.

FAN CLUBS C64 softies that were so loved, you could make it official with them.

GAMES FEATURES  All the stuff we’ve done about games from the CF years – from the best Mayhem features to The Making of Rolling Ronny and more!

MIDNIGHT RESIDENCE APRIL FOOL Did you fall for this one?

MY CF Writers, musicians and other interesting folk tell us what CF meant to them.

OVER THE EDGE That time in 1993 that CF tried to predict the future of gaming and tech. It’s not bad!

ROGER FRAMES COMIC An all new adventure. For real!

THE COMMODORE MAGAZINE STORY Where we talk ZZAP! and Commodore Force and don’t even use asterisks or nuffink.



WEIRD GAMES LICENSE FROM THE ’90s: McDonalds, Viz, Monty Python. Yup. They’re all on the Commodore!