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The Commodore Format Archive is an unofficial fan site and blog based in the United Kingdom. We’re not actually Commodore Format and we’re unconnected with Future plc.

The Commodore Format Archive was founded to celebrate the greatest Commodore 64 magazine of all time and the games from the era it served. We produce magazine quality interviews, features and videos. The best place to start reading is the History tab, then dive in to the Mag Guide.

Images of the magazine are taken from those publicly available at archive.org.

We do not host and are unable to provide scans or downloads of complete issues of the magazine. We can’t send you any Power Packs either, sorry 🙂

Commodore Format is a trademark of Future PLC.

This website is dedicated to everyone involved in the making of Commodore Format. You made us happy. Thank-you.


Get in touch with the Commodore Format Archive by sending us a message below. We’ll try to reply as soon as we can, particularly if there’s an issue with copyright.  Remember to include your email address (you might think that’s obvious but loads of people forget one! – Ed)

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