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The Commodore Format Archive is an unofficial fan site and blog based in the United Kingdom. We’re not actually Commodore Format and we’re unconnected with Future plc.

The Commodore Format Archive was founded to celebrate the greatest Commodore 64 magazine of all time and the games from the era it served. We produce magazine quality interviews, features and videos.

All content, features and interviews on this site are our own; they may not be reproduced without permission. All images of the magazine are hosted at archive.org and not on this site; they’re linked to for educational and illustrative purposes and remain the copyright of Future PLC.

Commodore Format is a trademark of Future PLC.


ARTWORK Christopher Heppinstall (site banner, social media memes, videos) ● Johnnathan Taylor (Power Packs) ● Cameron Davis (The Mighty Brain)

CONTRIBUTERS Andy Roberts ● Simon Forrester ● Mike Roberts ● Frank Gasking ● Cameron Davis ● Russty Russ ● Christopher Heppinstall ● Stephen Stuttard


YOUTUBE GAMEPLAY VIDEOS Paul E Moz at http://www.theywereourgods.com

THANKS Steve Jarratt ● Scott Weir ● Khristian Rainford ● Dougie Badger ● And all the CF staff who’ve taken the time to be interviewed.

This website is dedicated to everyone involved in the making of Commodore Format. You made us happy. Thank-you.


Get in touch with the Commodore Format Archive by sending us a message below. We’ll try to reply as soon as we can, particularly if there’s an issue with copyright.  Remember to include your email address (you might think that’s obvious but loads of people forget one! – Ed)

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