By the summer of 1991, Spectrum magazines were asking their readers to write in to sofware publishers begging them to release new games. Things weren’t looking so grim for the beige breadbox, though: that July, Commodore 64 owners were treated to a staggeringly classy version of the Amiga classic, Speedball II.

The year is 2095 and you’re the manager of Brutal Deluxe. You play speedball – the most bloody sport the world has ever seen. Your job is to take your team back to its former glories. Ultimately, you win a game by scoring more goals than your opponent – but the fun is in the violent, off-the-ball clashes. A punch here, a kick there, it’s all terribly inappropriate fun – especially in two player mode.

CF SAID: Speedball 2 is simply stupendous – full marks to Carl Muller (code) and Alan Tompkin (graphics). If this title doesn’t hit number one in the charts, I think i’ll quit reviewing and go and write naff soccer games for a living instead.

WE SAY: That soundtrack! Speedball II reminds you just how much the SID chip can sing.






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