We are always saying on our social media accounts (we’re CommodoreFormat on Facebook and Twitter – Ed) that back issues of Commodore Format aren’t rare – especially the earlier ones. The magazine was very popular, with over 55,000 copies of some editions printed.

What is rare though – very, very rare – is a Commodore Format binder. They were available from issue one for £4.99, and could hold 12 months’ worth of the magazine with white metal rods. Each issue just clipped in.

Those folk who have binders are by their very nature collectors and usually have no intention of parting with their treasured magazines, so the chance to buy them comes up almost never these days. Here, then, is a rare set of pics of the CF binders in the wild housing a full set of magazines (the latter issues were so thin, more than a year’s worth could fit in them – hence just four folders here!) CF