mightybrain_jarOn September 20th, 2015, Commodore Format was 25 years old. All month, we celebrated. Here’s an old friend with an archive of everything we did to celebrate a quarter-century of CF.

Humans! It is me, The Mighty Brain, here to remind you of your pathetic mortality and that Commodore Format is now 25 years old (the mere nanoblink of an eyelid to me. If I had eyelids, that is). Anyway, the editor and his idiot helpers have been putting together these articles for you all month to celebrate the big 2-5. Some of it will jog your feeble memory of the year 1990 – I believe they’re called “memory anchors” on earth these days – and some of it is the story of  the magnificent CF in the words of the people who were there at the very start. Before anything else, I’d suggest you read our imbecilic editor’s message to you all (it’s the first thing on this list). Happy birthday from another galaxy, CFTMB 


FEATURE: TV, film and cinema in September 1990

FEATURE: Every number one song from 1990

FEATURE: What were other computer mags doing when CF launched?

INTERVIEW: Steve Jarratt on the launch of a new C64 magazine

INTERVIEW: Andy Dyer on being the first ever Roger Frames and more!

INTERVIEW: Sean Masterson, CF’s launch dep editor, speaks

FEATURE: A look at Commodore Format issue 1