You can see here how the inlay was wrapped ’round the mag. This is Commodore Format 2.

The first couple of issues, Commodore Format was still finding its feet and there are a few things that are very different in CF1 and 2 to the rest of the run. The magazine always had a covertape, but it wasn’t called a Power Pack until CF3. And there wasn’t a neat plastic box, either.

The first two issues had a cassette called CF Smash Hits. It was fixed to a piece of card that was wrapped around the cover of the magazine, as you’ll see in our pics. If you took the tape off the card gently and managed not to rip it, you could turn it into an inlay. “Just throw out a crappy game and put it inside the box”, suggests CF.

By issue 3, with Commodore Format here to stay, the Power Pack was born and readers no longer had to DIY. A shiny inlay and free box came with every tape. CF


  • Scans and photography: Christopher Heppinstall.