Here’s our mock up again of how Dick Tracy could be with some actual enemies to shoot at. And look, Dick can fire diagonally here. Such wow.

Here are some of the things you’ve been saying about Dick Tracy on social media. Got an opinion? Search for Commodore Format on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think. 

Robert Hazelby Amazing. The sprites look like something straight from the Atari 2600!

The game got 11% in ZZAP! 64, too – with the Amiga version limping in at 16%.

Stevie Aaron Terrible on everything but the C64 version makes even the Spectrum game look as sophisticated as Mayhem in comparison. Incredible how a game could be so basic and painful to look at. There’s far more advanced Atari 2600 games than this. The music is kinda fun though.

Christopher ‘Hobbes’ Heppinstall The sprites are laughable, the collision detection is questionable, the gameplay is practically non-existent, the levels are samey with repetitive backgrounds, and the music is… actually, not that bad.

Scott Weir Played it and it’s damn hard! I can get to screen four and just die! I can’t figure out how to use the guns [you can press enter to toggle between fist and guns from level 2 – Ed) So, I just hold down fire and they walk into my extended fist. But the collision detection is so bad, they get close and just disappear. Also, the graphics for a C64 are horrendous. But I will admit the music is acceptable!

Your Commodore rated it at 42%. Bit generous. Killer last line of the review, though: “buy it and you’ll be the Dick”.

Dougie Badger I thought Id load up the tape version. By the time i plugged in the joystick I was dead. It’s awful. Truly bad. I’m of to play The A-team by Courbois Software!

Badgerlicious, via email The thing is, you can see the good intentions in the design. It could be sort of like Robocop. I am amazed it is perfectly legal to release such a substandard and unfinished product, to be honest. Can you imagine if they’d done the same with the film? CF

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