• SEUCK game with style!
  • 1 player
  • Chris Yates / Shaun Pearson / Matthias Hartung / Teemu Astikainen / Richard Bayliss
  • This version EXCLUSIVE to Power Pack 62

Oh, House Case. Remember that? You’d be forgiven if you don’t. House Case is Commodore Format‘s game that never was. It was earmarked for inclusion on Power Pack 58, but Future Publishing didn’t order in enough spool for it to be included on the tape. At the very last minute, it was dropped. The instructions had even been written for the Power Pack page, too late for removal save for a “stop press” apology.

The final few months of CF were a shambles; not even a shadow of what the magazine had once been. By the issue 50s, the understaffing was really beginning to show.

Well – better late than never, this truly spooky SEUCK game is finally here – and with a storming new soundtrack to boot. This version of the game has never been seen before!


It’s pretty straightforward stuff: escape the haunted house and don’t get spooked by the ghosts! Have a stick in port 2 and keep moving forward. Fire will help you tackle the different ghouls and nasties. This is a really atmospheric Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit game that oozes style and care. Even if it’s 19 years late, we hope you enjoy this exclusive version! CF


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