Mayhem Logo - BoxOne game, above all others, is intrinsically linked with Commodore Format: the 100% rated platformer, Mayhem In Monsterland.

We’ve probably talked about it more than any other title here on the Commodore Format Archive. Here’s our complete collection of exclusive articles on the game, including three pieces from CF staff reflecting on it for the first time in two decades!

Our opinion, for what it’s worth, is that it is a real shame the controversial review score is what Mayhem In Monsterland is remembered for. It’s a stunning piece of work and deserves to be enjoyed for what it is.

That’s not to say we disagree with dishing out such a rating, though. You can read all about why it got the perfect 100% here direct from the people who decided that it would. CF


NEW! Warren Pilkington fixes the game’s infamous lives bug