Screenplay writer Rob Milner traces everything back to System 3’s jaw-dropping 2D platform adventure.

There are times in your life that are just good, and it can be difficult to nail down the why – and it only gets ever-more elusive the harder one tries.

Myth: History In The Making came along at a special time, becoming emblematic of those years where anything felt possible and games were little journeys, portholes into other worlds and times.

Maybe it has to do with a magical intersection of age, awareness, and pop culture – but Myth seemed to find a home not only in my childhood bedroom but in my heart from the moment I went with my dad to order it from Electronics Boutique. On cartridge, no less, and it felt tangible and real and exciting when an old-fashioned paper catalogue was thudded on the counter and it was actually happening – I was getting it for my birthday.

Like I said – I can barely communicate the why, but I can definitely trace a fork in the road.

That time and place ultimately took me down the route of wanting to tell my own stories. Now I write screenplays, and I can trace the origin of that to a perfect confluence of movies, and music – and video games on the Commodore 64. CF