19th September 2021 10:31 BST

New York solo artist Nick Vivid says that the lyric video for his new single Trainers was “made entirely on a Commodore 64”.

On his official website, he reveals that it includes code that he wrote himself: “I like to mess around with these old machines, and if I can incorporate computer hacking into my music videos, even better,” he explains.

“When I was a little kid I was fascinated by computer pirate groups and how they would ‘graffiti’ an intro on a game with scrolling text and graphics before spreading it into the wild,” Vivid told TremG. “You know – ‘Nick was here’ – that kind of thing. I wasn’t interested in the games, I wanted to know how the pirates did that underground DIY coding that looked a little more raw and visceral than the games themselves. There was an art and a defiance to it that was so badass. So I eventually taught myself some of those coding techniques. I think incorporating that influence works because it’s rooted in the same spirit that my music comes from.” CF

  • Trainers is out now. The album No More Secrets follows in November.
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  • Thanks to Christopher Heppinstall for the heads up on this story!