• Brand new arcade shoot ’em up!
  • FILE NAME: SCRAMBLE [2015] V1_12.TAP
  • 1 player, joystick port 2. See keyboard instructions below. 
  • Tom Kite

scramble 2015

Here’s something very new indeed for you, just for Power Pack 64! You might remember this from the arcades back in the ’80s. Well, now you can give it a crack all over again and if anything we think it’s better than the coin op.

ScramblePURFly your jet across a six-zone scrolling landscape filled with obstacles: rockets that take off and try to hit you, UFOs that move erratically in caverns, and fireballs that can’t be destroyed. Along the way, gain points by shooting or bombing enemies, and keep up your fuel level by destroying oil dumps on the ground. In the final zone, you must destroy the supreme base to win the game. CF

  • Bonus jet at 10,000 points.
  • Use a joystick in port 2 (the fire button shoots a missile and releases a bomb), or the following keys: A (up), Z (down), K (left), L (right), RETURN (fire), SPACE (bomb).