• Sideways shoot and collect ’em up
  • 1 player
  • Richard Bayliss / Frank Gasking / Psytronik

This glossy 2008 game is based on the Vic 20 title Sub Hunt. “But we got carried away”, says author Richard Bayliss. “And just kept on adding stuff!”


A government experiment gone wrong turns into a cover-up attempt and waste from the disaster is dumped deep out to sea. The cover-up has a dramatic effect on the aquatic life, with fish and other creatures turning into mutants! Swimmers go missing and the seas spiral out of control. It is down to you and your war sub to save the ocean and those who are lost. You are the SUB HUNTER!

  • Use a joystick in port 2.
  • Move the joystick left and right on the title screen to select whether or not you want music or sound effects when playing the game.
  • You can read the original game instructions card at the very bottom of this page, or check out our exclusive guide from the game’s creator just below. It’s the most in depth guide to Sub Hunter published.


  • For 10 levels you must save 5 swimmers. Do that by shooting down fish or enemy subs. Don’t shoot a swimmer or you’ll have oxygen deducted from your tank!
  • On levels 2,8,15 and 22 you must destroy groups of subs and fish to clear the way for the swimmers to safely pass. There’s a time limit, so get on it!
  • On levels 3, 9, 16 and 23 you must land your sub safely in the murky waters, and rescue swimmers that have fallen onto the sea bed. Unfortunately, you are not alone. Loads of enemies will be moving across the area. You cannot shoot back at them. Pressing FIRE will start the sub sinking, then once you’ve rescued a swimmer, press FIRE again to raise your sub automatically. Don’t crash into the enemies, whatever you do.
  • Levels 11,18 and 24 – Shark attack! Can you survive? You’ve got to for the whole time limit. There’s no way for you to fire back – so good luck..
  • Final level – Destroy the mother mutant shark. Avoid contact and the fish it spits out!
  • On the occasional bonus levels, collect diamonds for extra points. Pass through the underwater minefield, collecting the gems. The current of the water pressure will push your submarine, which means this stage will eventually get faster and more frantic. Should you survive, you’ll be giving an extra sub. If you crash into a mine, a life will not be lost. The bonus stage will end and you’ll move on to the next level. CF
Sub Hunter instructions

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