• Arcade munch ’em up!
  • 1 or 2 player
  • Paul Kubiszyn / Richard Bayliss (TND) 
  • EXCLUSIVE to Power Pack 62

You probably remember reading about Super Pac Twins in later issues of Commodore Format. Author Paul Kubiszyn even wrote a Diary Of A Game about it for the magazine. But then CF – in its desperate search for covertape content during the final few months – included a very early demo version without Paul’s permission and the project was cancelled. This is an all new, complete deluxe version of the game especially for Power Pack 62. Richard Bayliss has included a new front end to the game, a two player option, and new game over/end sequences. The original soundtrack by Paul has also been restored.


So, then. Your, er,  “girlfriends” have found themselves lost in the middle of a maze. Your mission is to guide your Pac Twin to them through all 97 levels, gobbling all of the pellets to progress. But watch out for those deadly boulders! If you wait about for too long, or a boulder rolls on to your Pac Twin, energy is lost. If all your energy gets drained, it will make the Pac Twin dizzy and you lose a life.

This is a one or two player game.

  • In one player mode, you control the green Pac Twin using joystick in port 2.
  • In two player mode, you will control the yellow Pac Twin using joystick in port 1 or the green pac using joystick in port 2.

In two player mode, not only do you play against a friend but you can also challenge each other to see who can come up trumps with a top score. The player to receive the highest score will become the ultimate champion. CF 


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