29th August 2019

C64 musician Max Hall has been telling Commodore Format about the Chip SID Show radio slot he hosts on the UK’s Radio Free Matlock (want to listen? There are links at the end of this piece – Ed).

A look at some of the show’s playlists reveals a phenomenal selection of belting C64 tunes, including Ocean’s loaders, an entire show dedicated to Ben Daglish, Martin Galway’s Rambo loader, the theme to Bounder and, well, you get the magnificent idea.

We asked Max to tell us a bit more about himself and the C64:

“I got a C64 in 1984. I was a Spectrum user from ’82 but a friend down road had a Commodore 64. He was also a bit of a hi-fi buff and had his C64 wired into his stereo. The first time I heard the SID chip sing was a life changing moment. Real sound synthesis was WAY out of price range for a 12-year-old miner’s son, so this was the next best thing. I had to get one.”

“At Christmas 1984 I was blessed, and the rest is history. I started writing demos, ripping music. I put all my favourite SIDs into music rips and joined a group Flat 3 Hackers.” (All of Max’s output is here – Ed: https://csdb.dk/group/?id=1858 )

“The C64 music scene inspired me to start writing and producing electronic music. In the late ’80s early and ’90s I produced a lot of dance music records which now proudly adorn my studio wall, complete with real synthesisers!”

“If I had never heard a C64 SID, my life would have taken a different path. I have a lot to be thankful for.”

“I am still producing music to this day both commercially and sometimes for the humble C64 as well. The SID chip has been a daily part of my life since the early ’80s. I have to get my daily fix!”

The Chip SID show came about because there was a gap in the C64 radio market. I wanted to do a show that was about the appreciation of good C64 music and play it in a way that someone who had a real love for the tracks would. There’s so much technically good music for the machine from back in the day and indeed being produced on an almost daily basis today, so that in itself warrants the time and effort to produce these shows. The fact it’s broadcast on a local radio station widens the audience beyond the C64 scene. I’ve had feedback from people who caught the show and thanked me for reminding them of a happy childhood memories of playing computer games!”

“All of the tracks are recorded directly from the rear end of my Commodore 64s. None of this emulation malarkey! Commodore Format readers will adore the show. It’s a real appreciation for the humble 3 voice SID chip, and I know your readers love the sound of the ’64 this way!” CF


Streaming shows are hosted on www.mixcloud.com – just search for “Chip SID Show”

Chip SID Show Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218173905721443/

Chip SID Show Twitter: https://twitter.com/chip_sid – kindly maintained by Richard Tappenden

Chip SID Show Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chipsidshow

FREE FLAC downloads and track listings kindly hosted by Mike Mee: https://mug-uk.co.uk/chip-sid-show/

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