Games were tough in the ’90s. Sometimes by design, and sometimes because of awful design. That didn’t stop us wanting to see everything they offered, though, and one man was always there to help – first through the pages of Zzap! 64 and then Commodore Format. Warren Pilkington – known on the scene as Waz – wrote hundreds of listings that tapped into the code of games to bring us infinite lives, energy, invincibility and more. We’re fortunate enough to be mates with the big man, and he sometimes writes for us. When he does, you’ll find his work here. CF

Warren Pilkington interview

Hudson Hawk’s One Byte Bug

Indiana Jones and the Fate of the Bugged Title Tune

Mayhem In Lives Bug Land

The Creation of the Codemaster Multihack Simulator

The Zzap! 64 years