There are over 30 years’ worth of Commodore 64 games to choose from now. If you didn’t play them at the time they’re easy to find online, so you really can experience it all. The Mighty Brain asked – which one have you played more than any other? Surprisingly, it wasn’t the Mayhem/Creatures/First Samurai fest we thought it might be. Here are some of your best and most interesting answers…


Lee Batten IK+, most definitely. A few years back my friend and I were messing around on an emulator, just loading up old games and playing them again for a few minutes. Then we got to IK+ and ended up playing if for hours. Still a great multiplayer game and something I dip back into every now and then. Also, Rescue on Fractulus (Rescue and what? – Ed).

Tony O’Connell When I first got a C64 we played Pitstop 2 to death… my thumb used to ache from pressing the ‘turbo’ all the time. 

Paul Smallman Turbocharge by System 3. I have the cassette version and I remember seeing it for first time and thinking “wow” seeing the satellite imagery and those cut scenes – yes, cut scenes! 

Gary James Midnight Resistance! The Amiga version may look pretty but the C64 version plays like a dream and the music is kick ass. Can’t help but hum along to it, especially when you get to the first boss.

Gerard Donaghy Ghosts and Goblins. Fantastic game. I battled away at getting half way through the first level. Later when I was older I could get to the third level but this was still ridiculously early in a long, long game which you had to play through twice. 

They Were Our Gods Gonna have to be Paradroid, in one of its forms. Always challenging, never dull, I can rely on it to keep me entertained every time. CF

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  1. Without a second’s thought, Elite. Magnificent game, and the only one on the C64 that ever made me feel completely transported and immersed. It’s nothing to look at of course, but it had incredible depth. A masterclass in design and programming.


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