• Platform collect ’em up
  • FILE NAME: You Have To Win The Game.tap
  • 1 player, joystick port 2 
  • By Kabuto and J. Kyle Pittman / Pirate Of Hearts 
Appearances can be deceptive. Get stuck in to You Have To Win The Game. It’s ace.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that. This platform game is a perfect port over from Steam, and it’s magnificent. 

So why does it look so…er..Spectrum-ish? It’s on purpose. The original (which you can read about here) is an intentionally retro platformer for the PC. And now we have it on C64 and it is very impressive indeed.

A stick or the usual keys on your emulator will allow you to run and jump around with your little character. You’ll notice each screen has a name, and that there’s a percentage counter in the bottom right of the screen. To play – and to Win The Game – you have to get to 100%. So, how do you do that? Well:

And that’s it! It really is simple to play but gets very tough – you’ll spend hours trying to crack the thing. Have a look around the internet if you get stuck. There are lots of player guides and YouTube has a walkthrough of the C64 version. You’ll also find some great tips here.

It’s a bit of a treat to see a PC game converted to the Commodore 64 and we cannot enthuse about the quality of this port enough. We hope you like it too. CF