Download Power Pack 62 and pretend CF never went away – clicky here (ZIP file).

19 years since the last one…the Commodore Format Power Pack is back!

Today we proudly bring you this free download featuring a mixture of exclusive games and a couple of the very best C64 titles of recent times. Two of these games have a neat tie-in to Commodore Format and the others we just thought were cool. We know that most of you aren’t “scene” people and that you just enjoy the CF memories and an occasional casual blast on your Commodore emulators – so we think you’ll absolutely love everything here.


Purists: find out how to transfer it to a tape to use on your real C64 here!


SUPER PAC TWINS was started in 1995. It featured in later issues of Commodore Format. But when an unfinished, early demo was controversially included on the magazine’s covertape against the author’s wishes, the project was pulled. This deluxe version of the game by Paul Kubiszyn and Richard Bayliss has never been seen before. It’s exclusive to Power Pack 62 and we really hope you have fun with such a polished, classy munch ’em up!


The story behind HOUSE CASE is farcical, frankly. It was earmarked for inclusion on Power Pack 58 back in 1995. There were even instructions printed in the magazine. But Future Publishing didn’t buy in enough tape spool for it to be included (no, really) and so it was pulled at the very last
minute. Better late than never, this spooky and well designed SEUCK game with a twist is finally here – with a brand new soundtrack to boot!


SUB HUNTER is one of the best C64 games of recent years, in our opinion. It’s even been made available on cartridge! A scientific experiment to increase the size and number of fish in the sea has gone terribly wrong, and now the oceans have been taken over by mutant fish. Yes – mutant fish! So get out in your sub, blast things with gills out of the water and save some humans, for crying out loud.


Finally there’s Max Hall’s deeply impressive COSMIC ARKIt’s a remake of the Atari 2600 classic and he’s given us a polished up version and included a trainer too (that means you can cheat and see the whole game, kids – Ed). Beam up some space creatures and zap stuff!

We really hope you have fun with everything. Most stuff’s dead straightforward but there are full instructions for you below. And remember to keep watching as the games load for a surprise! CF

CREDITS: Mastering and loader by Richard Bayliss. Cover by Dr. Bongo. Thanks to Kenz, Frank Gasking, Vinny Mainolfi and all the authors! This is a free download for a bit of fun. We’re not connected with Future plc.