Extreme on the Spectrum was really popular, notably because of its impressive graphics. So when the news came that it was to appear on the Commodore 64, CF was excited.

“But it’s not extreme at all”, opens Andy Dyer’s review. In fact, what we’ve largely got here is that most feared of things – the direct Spectrum port. Which we’ll come to in a little while.

The awesome, atmospheric Exile came out the same month as Extreme, and rated 97% in the same issue. Read about it here, and play that instead!

An alien ship has landed on earth, and its self destruct mode is activated. What you’ve got to do is make it safe. The first level’s a four-way shooty thing with a couple of puzzles to solve. Once you’ve cracked those, you can explore more of the playing area. Along the way you’ll find shields and weapons, which you can use against the bug-like creatures trying to stop you.

Level two happens underwater. You’re without weapons and you have to find tools to help deactivate the ship. And in the third, your character is fitted with robotic legs. You stomp right until you reach the self destruct pod and destroy it.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Except the only challenge at all is in level one. Once you’ve figured out those puzzles you’ve cracked the game. Level two is pitifully small and level three just involves moving right and hitting fire a lot. The playing area’s also woefully too small – likely an unavoidable consequence of porting over from the Spectrum – and the graphics themselves have barely been souped up at all.

But its main offence is the utter lack of challenge. Too short, too easy, badly designed and SPECTRUM. CF

CF SAID: “Groans and massive disappointment all round.”

WE SAY: Remember how bad it was when they converted Chase HQ over from the Speccy to the C64 without changing much? Yep. All of those feels. Exile came out the same month as this. Play that instead

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