We know, we know. These Power Packs we’ve done are brilliant, right? Load up just like the real thing. But if you’re a purist you might fancy doing it from a real cassette and into your proper C64. Well, here’s Richard Bayliss to show you how. 

There are three ways you can put our Power Packs onto a tape. Have a read through each of them and see what’s best for you depending on the gear that you have. If you’re still struggling, leave a message on our Facebook page and we’ll try to help!


METHOD 1: 1541 Ultimate 2 and TapWriter method (Firmware V2.6K consists of a tape writer, but if experience trouble with this, use the TapWriter method).

The way I put the Power Pack to a real cassette is to use my 1541 Ultimate 2 with tape extender and TapWriter V0.2 by Enthusi/Onslaught.

– Disable all cartridges
– Select on the 1541U2 configuration menu:

REU Size: 16MB
REU: Enabled

Go to the Power Pack folder, rename the .tap files into .reu files. Reset the C64 for the new settings to take place. When the blue BASIC screen appears, press the menu button on your 1541U2, select the filename .reu and choose to write to REU memory. The program will then be stored in memory.

Load in the tapwriter v0.2 (Which can be found at: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=96477)

The screen will display a message to let you know how long the .tap / tape process will take. If the program is in memory, press RECORD/PLAY on the datasette, and the chosen Power Pack tape file will write to the tape.


METHOD 2: The Hi-Fi + CD Method

– Use Audiotap to convert your .tap into a .wav file, make sure to use inverted wave form.
– Burn the .wav file to a CD
– Use a Hi-Fi with tape recorder, insert CD and record to tape


METHOD 3: The TapMaster method

Download TapMaster from: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=124258

This tool will generate standalone tape masters for writing .tap files to a real C64 tape, via a runnable program file.

You will need Exomizer V2.0.5 ( or maybe higher)  to compress the .tap and make a .prg master, otherwise it won’t work. Put Exomizer in the same directory as .tap master on the PC. The total filesize for each tap must be below 202 blocks, otherwise a .tap is not possible to master.

Using the command prompt in Windows, go to the directory where Tapmaster lies. Then type in the following command:

make_tapmaster.exe -t “TEXT1” -t “TEXT2” -t “TEXT3” -oNameOfMaster.prg NameOfTapToWriteFrom.tap

Wait a few seconds. A PRG master will then be generated for you. Copy the .PRG to your C64 on disk, run it and then record it to tape 🙂 CF