• Frantic, reflex based puzzler!
  • 1 player , joystick port 1 or 2 
  • An Onslaught/RGCD production

You can actually play this classy puzzler straight from the off by checking out the instructions on the intro screens. But in case you’re after more, here’s the lowdown direct from the developers!


The player’s goal is to assemble faces using the tiles dropped in the central window, moving them to the adjacent windows by pushing the joystick in the corresponding direction before the time runs out (represented by the LEDs around the centre). There are four different faces consisting of four tiles each, and more points are awarded for creating faces using matching tile sets. To add some fun, the game speeds up during play.


You achieve 10 points for a completely mixed face, 40 points for a part mixed face and 100 points in case only one tile is out of place. For a complete face you score a whopping 300 points and another 500 points plus an extra life whenever you succeed in clearing the complete board!

After Game Over a four digit CODE will be displayed in white letters. This code always corresponds to the current HIGH SCORE. You should note this code down, together with the high score – it can be re-entered next time you load the game (in the retail version) so you can attempt to beat your previous record. To do this, push the joystick up when on the ‘how to play’ screen is displayed. You can then enter the code and high score via the joystick or use it to validate your highscore claims in web forums. CF


The following people made this game possible:

Code & Design
Dr. Martin Wendt (RGCD/Onslaught)

Music & Sound Effects
Owen Crowley

Graphics & Box Design
Ilija Melentijevic (RGCD)

Project Management, Manual & PAL Testing
James Monkman (RGCD)

PAL & NTSC Testing
David Simmons (Onslaught)
Sven Ruthner (Ptoing)
Raymond Lejuez (C64 World)

Cartridge Hardware (original commercial version)
Tim Harris (Shareware Plus)