25th April 2019

Now then. Here’s  the welcome  return of a name all Commodore  Format fans will remember. Paul Kubiszyn wrote the puzzle game Square Scape in 1994, which was enormously popular even if it wasn’t so well-received in issue 46. Square Scape 2 was both well-rated and popular, appearing on Commodore Format‘s Power Pack 55 and CP Verlag GmbH in Germany.

Paul went on to write a version of Square Scape 2 for the PC named XScape. In 2003, a version of XScape was also written for the GP32 (GamePark 32), a relatively unknown handheld gaming system from South Korea. Almost a decade later in 2012, Paul first began work on a remake of XScape for iOS. Seven years later and the game is finally available on the Apple App Store.

XScape is a modern remake of a classic retro puzzle game from the latter days of 8-bit computing”, Paul told  us. “It was lovingly crafted over a period of seven years. It’s just me – a one man developed indie game. All the previous game content is there  and more. New gameplay features, modern sound and visuals, extra levels, star ratings and achievements are just a few of the enhancements.”

What’s more, Paul says 20% of net sales will be donated to charity and worthwhile causes (“we’re using the wording ‘net sales’ to ensure transparency, and to clarify that sales tax refunds and discounts are subtracted prior to the calculation of our 20% donation.”) CF

Here’s how to find out more and grab the game: