13th December 2021

In a post on Lemon 64, it’s been revealed that Sega’s ’90s classic Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to the Commodore 64 as a free download by the end of the month – but your machine will need a 256k RAM upgrade if you want to play the legendary platformer.

It is a direct port of the Sega Master System version from 1991.

User Retroluzzer posts beneath the announcement that the game works on emulators. “We’ve tested it on emulators like VICE, U64, real hardware with Classic Commodore REU, 1541U I/II/II+ and it should also work on the Turbo Chameleon”.

Other details aren’t clear yet, including whether or not the project has Sega’s blessing. A 2019 homebrew conversion of Super Mario Bros for the C64 reportedly upset Nintendo.

Mrsid’s given a fair bit of information here  on what looks like an incredible achievement – and the trailer is below. We’ll keep you posted. CF

UPDATE, 22nd December: the game is now available here. Consult the Lemon 64 forums here if you’d like advice on getting it to run on your machine, Mini/Maxi or emulator.