• SEUCK game
  • FILE NAME: Dark Within.tap
  • 1 player
  • Game design, graphics and music: Rob Southworth
  • EXCLUSIVE to Power Pack 63
the dark within 1
Pew pew pew!

What would a modern CF Power Pack be without a Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit game, eh? It might be straightforward to make a shooter using the utility, but it’s pretty tough to make a game that’s engaging and fun. So here’s one written especially for you! Rob Southworth’s made THE DARK WITHIN just for Commodore Format readers. It has a great storyline and a few cool twists. As you’ll see, even Commodore Format itself is in the game! It’s all pretty easy to pick up, but to get you started here’s the programmer himself with a guide.


“Battle your way through the darkest, most fearful place imaginable – your own mind! Clash with repressed memories, career struggles and personal vices to overcome the ultimate foe – yourself!

Climb aboard the ‘mind craft’ and prepare to face THE DARK WITHIN.”

Level 1 – Childhood: Fight your way through your childhood memories by blasting at disjointed images of  cherished toys, baby toys, and big kid’s games. Everything will fight back. Collect Commodore Format Power Pack tapes for extra points (this is brilliant! – Ed)

Level 2 – Career: Destroy the tools before they nail your ship. Don’t get hammered by the enemies on the factory floor.

Level 3 – Vices (beer and hangovers): All work and play takes its toll enough to drive you to drink. Blast beer out of the sky and kick your habbits. Some pills do you more good than others, so be careful what you collect.

Level 4 – The final showdown: Time at last to beat your demons in this free for all final showdown … Fill your boots for mega points.

  • One player
  • Joystick in either port’s good
  • Run/Stop: pause game
  • Q (when paused): quit game

Good luck! CF