• C64 conversion of the C16 classic arcade game!
  • 1 player, joystick port 2
  • Spider Jerusalem/Mayday

There aren’t enough C16 conversions out there! This one’s a special edition just for Commodore Format Power Pack 64. You’re super strawberry, King of the orchard in this fast moving action arcade game. Your job is to collect all the cherries, ‘cos they’re now ripe and it’s fruit picking time. But beware – not all fruit is good fruit and there are bad apples in the orchard which can fall on you and make you ill. Try not to get underneath them. ALso in the orchard are the acid people gang who are determined to stop a good harvest by fair means or foul!

There are three different game modes here – everything you need to know is on the instructions pages before you start the game. It’s simple, classic fun. Have a good time! CF