S’up, 64-sters. Just a heads up to point you towards today’s new piece, which is the story of a software publisher that’s part of Sheffield’s rich microcomputer history but always seems to be unfairly reduced to a footnote. From Sheffield to California: The Hi-Tec Story is online now. Remember that glut of cartoon games at pocket money prices back in 1990-1ish? Yogi, The Jetsons and all that? That’s Hi-Tec, that is. Dive in to discover more about this lovely David v Goliath story.

And that’s not all for this week. We’ll come back to this next week, but we can tell you for the first time today that we’ve been going back and forth with Kent Murray. He’s the geezer behind one of the early ’90s most popular budget games – The Bod Squad. We’ve hinted at the game’s unusual backstory before, and now we’ve spoken to Kent about the game’s creation, its reception and why it endures in popularity some 25+ years later! We also chatted about the power of computer magazines back in the day and the thrill of getting a great review in your favourite one (er…his was CF, of course). So that’ll be with you late on Tuesday(ish!). Until then, enjoy the Hi-Tec read. Thanks for supporting us! Neil Grayson, Editor