Hey! Just a quick update for front page fans and those of you who aren’t following on social media. Here’s what’s new on Commodore Format so far in April…

Turbo The Tortoise: Hi-Tec’s greatest game? We think so, anyway. A combination of the game’s misleading name and a games press willing to play along mean that anyone expecting a Sonic rival was bound to be disappointed by this game, and that’s unfair. Minus the daft PR hype and cheeky name, this is a great wee budget outing. Read more.

We’ve also just started our Commodore Format At The Movies series, beginning with the story of the Californian man you’ve probably never heard of but who linked up Hollywood studios with games publishers in the UK and Australia. If you enjoyed movie tie-ins back in the day, it’s probably Dick Lehrberg who you’ve got to thank.

My Favourite Game continues every Monday, and we had a really cracking nod to Retrograde this week. The series works best if you’ve got something to say about why the game’s special to you rather than just talking about the game itself. Does a game remind you of a person, place or time in your life? We’d love to hear about it.

Finally, we’re still getting a ton of clicks for our chat with Kent Murray, the Bod Squad coder. If you didn’t see this one at the start of April, you’re missing out. And he’s got a surprise about Bod’s future, too!

As well as that, I (it’s Neil here, the site editor, hello hi) am spending a few hours every week tidying up older pages deep in the site, as well as fixing stuff and adding new content to the issue-by-issue guide.

Next up, we’ll be looking at Power Pack 31. We’re waiting on some info to finish off that piece, but hopefully it’ll land later this week. Thanks for reading, see you on Twitter. Neil, Editor