• Arcade game
  • FILE NAMES: COSMIC ARK.tap (game), COSMIC ARK DOCS.tap (instructions)
  • 1 player 
  • Max Hall 
  • Trained and bug fixed for Power Pack 62

Cosmic Ark is just wonderful. Recognise it? It’s a remake of the 30 year old Atari classic for the Commodore 64! We’re really grateful to Max for his enthusiasm and kindness in letting us include it on Power Pack 62. This version’s got a few tweaks and bug fixes – and if you find the going a bit tough, Max has included a trainer which will help you out. It’s all pretty obvious once you get things loaded up. And once you do, we think you’ll be playing for hours!


There are two files for Cosmic Ark on Power Pack 62Cosmic Ark.tap is the game itself, and Cosmic Ark Docs.tap will also load up on your emulator. It is six screens worth of instructions by the author. If you want to play the game properly that’s the place to start – get it loaded up!

No time? OK. Well, to get you started – the aim is to collect the space creatures and get ’em to the mothership. (If you want to know more and why, load up the instructions file! – Ed)

Control your ship with a stick in Port 2. You can pick up space creatures by pressing fire and a beam will appear. Make sure that the beam is over the creature for a few seconds as you beam them up. When both creatures are picked up, you can enter the mothership to go to the asteroid level.

You might run out of time when you’re collecting creatures, in which case a alarm will sound and you have to get back in mothership as soon as possible.

When you’re on the asteroid level, the aim is to shoot anything in your way by using the joystick directions, (up, down, left, right) to get safely to the next location and pick up some more creatures!. CF