• Arcade puzzler
  • FILE NAME: Maze Of The Mummy Demo.tap
  • 1 player, joystick port 2 
  • Psytronik / Magic Cap
  • Demo version for Power Pack 63
PP63 brings you 15 levels of this brand new game. Some nice animation in this one.

Commodore Format is chuffed to bits to bring you a first look at this forthcoming game from Psytronik!

The idea of this game is to escape the pyramids without getting caught by the Mummy or any other critters you encounter! The trouble is you have just one move at a time – but the Mummy has two moves. In order to get to each exit, you must outwit the Mummy. Should it or anything else advance to you, you’ll get a good battering. Try not to step on the various traps you see. If you get hit, you’ll lose 10 credits. Lose the lot and you’ll never escape from the pyramids of doom! CF