phase out 1First things first, then. Let’s take a look at the story from the original game box (it came out on a limited edition cartridge a while back, see). Here goes:

“For countless aeons you’ve waited in exile beyond the limits of the universe, but now your time for revenge is at hand. In your possession are the ancient stones of the Eternal Ones – and with them the power to overthrow the Gods and eradicate all of creation!

Fifty Phase-Out sequences are all that stand between you and the end of the universe, your one and only chance to undo all the work of your ethereal oppressors and to rebuild the Cosmos to your own design…”

Blimey! What we’ve got here in reality is a smart, well designed puzzle game by Ernst Neubeck and Simon Quernhorst, There are instructions on the game’s intro screen which you’ll find easily enough, but have a butchers below this text for the game’s original instructions. The lads have provided a code sheet for you to print out too. Have a good time! CF