• Text adventure
  • FILE NAME: The Prisoner.tap
  • 1 player, keyboard 
  • Commodore Plus 
  • EXCLUSIVE to Power Pack 63
The Prisoner is an atmosphere packed game written by a guy with a real love of the subject. Enjoy it.

We searched far and wide for some real variety to include on Power Pack 63, and we are very proud to bring you this exclusive and atmospheric game in English for the very first time!

The Prisoner is an unofficial game based on the 1960’s ITV drama of the same name. It begins as you resign from your job in the British Secret Service. The game leads you by the hand from there, so we won’t spoil the surprises or excitement. Dive in, make a map, you know what to do.


Like all text adventures, The Prisoner is controlled via the “parser”. That’s the stuff you type in to make things happen. NORTH will take you north, for example. And EXAMINE will let you look at something in more detail. It’s all really obvious from the minute you start playing, though. You just have to worry about solving the puzzles and enjoying the story. But if you do get stuck, just type HELP. That will bring up everything you need to know to enjoy this great game! CF