Games back in the day were hard. And even if we don’t like to admit, we all had one piece of software that repeatedly – agonisngly – got the better of us. It was usually the smaller budget titles with little time or money for playtesting that tended to be the worst offenders. But not always! Here are some games you’re still struggling with after 25 years…

Jamie Boden-Johnson Jet Set Willy. Days before the internet you didn’t know if the game was bugged. I thought i just sucked…

Darren Whiting Delta. Amazing soundtrack but utterly ridiculous gameplay. Put one step wrong and that was it, you were screwed.

Graham Tomlinson Robocop. One of the levels was nearly impossible as you did not get enough time. You could complete it with a few seconds left.

Scott Weir I think the Bod Squad was actually impossible! Also, Vigilante… The bosses treated you like a punch bag.

Gerard Donaghy Ghosts and Goblins. I was able to get further in the Commodore game than the Speccy one, largely because of better graphics. But it was insanely difficult – when I watch NES walkthroughs I can’t believe how many hours of game play without a save function Commdore players could have been expected to put in.

Bruno Del Frate Green Beret. After about 30 years, I still lose all of my lives between level 1 and 2… And most of the times I die at level 1!

Frank Gasking Shadow Of The Beast was pretty tough as a kid. I always used the cheat to get anywhere in it ! Probably the hardest was Hercules, which was bloody unfair!

Michael Hayler Flimbo’s Quest.….ive tried to get past level 4 about 3,579 times…… i think i may attempt number 3,580 now…..

mightybrain_jarThe Mighty Brain asks his Big Question every Thursday on our Facebook page. Like us and take part to see your memories on these pages! Go back to the Mighty Brain’s Big Question home page by clicking hereThe new Mighty Brain artwork was created for us by Cameron Davis, who makes video game comics at Blow The Cartridge. Cheers, Cameron!

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  1. I could win Creatures 2 with relative ease after reading the walkthrough (the abundance of extra life coins helped immensely), but the first Creatures I could never finish without a cheat listing. The attack waves from the forest stages and onwards were sadistically tight, and it didn’t help that in the swimming sections there was a bug that one hit would kill you, even if you still had your shield.


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