16th Feb 2019

UPDATE, 19th Feb: This project is funded and a C64 version will go ahead! We’ll keep you updated.

The deluge of quality C64 projects doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2019. This afternoon, Thalamus – they of little things like, oh, bringing Martin Walker back to C64 life – announced that they’ve got permission from Canari Games to publish a Commodore version of the cinematic platformer Lunark. They’re making a version for Spec-Chums, too – on the Spectrum Next – so please do tell your (ahaha) Speccy fan friends.

But listen, there’s a thing you need to do here. This is all dependent on Canari’s version of the game for PC/Mac/Switch being funded. If you want to push that version over the line, it’s in its final days for donations here.

So. To be clear, C64-sters, the Kickstarter is for the PC/Mac/Switch, m’kay. Thalamus’ project is separate, and will go ahead if the Canari version gets funded. We’ll keep you posted, but go and find Thalamus Digital on social media too eh? Nice one. CF

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