A lot of you madmen like Pitfighter, that much is obvious. Here are some of the other games that reviewed terribly but you actually really loved

Bruno Del Frate For some weird reason, I actually played The Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils for weeks, and I quite liked it. Am I normal?

Dougie Badger Afterburner! I managed to convince myself it was a good game after forking out £9.99 (a lot of pocket money back then).

Lee Theasby Sex Games 2 was an occasional joystick waggler for me. Never released in the UK – I obtained it on a C90 of various games around 1986 and me and a friend (who I won’t tag as he’s a respectable uni lecturer and family man these days) didn’t stop laughing for a week when we first loaded it.

Rob Caporetto Outrun is probably the one which comes to mind. I tend to see it get slagged off everywhere, but considering the limitations, I still find it’s a playable conversion  – especially compared to the other ports US Gold put out of it.

Gavin Cochrane Pitfighter was terrible…but you could complete it just by holding down the fire button and diagonally down and right on your joystick!

Michael Hayler Hard Drivin’ – loved the arcade game, but shame about the Spectrumesque port….

Geat I played Bruce Lee WAY too much. A green sumo that makes a weird mooing noise when you press down on the stick? What’s not to love?

And one more Sex Games post…

Jamie Boden-Johnson Sex Games 2…I broke my wrist getting the the gang bang final scene! (everyone’s fired – Ed) CF

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