The videogames of today actually seem to surpass the wet dreams of the 80s and early 90s. But whilst it’s important to keep truckin’, The Mighty Brain wanted to know if any of your old cassette games would make brilliant PS4/XBOne titles. We fancy the idea of a Creatures 2 torture screen. First person perspective! Here are some of your suggestions…

Mevlut Dinc I’ve been seriously thinking about remaking First Samurai and Street Racer for the mobile platform. But the idea of developing First Samurai or Last Ninja on current gen consoles is both very tempting and daunting!

Nick Parton Paradroid. Why has no one done it?  I actually once tried to persuade a game studio I worked at to consider licensing and remaking it – no luck, sadly!

They Were Our Gods Alleykat, but from the point of view of a modern day racing game. I interviewed Andrew Braybrook for my book and we touched on that very idea!

Rob Caporetto Morpheus would be amazing – there’s a lot in there which Braybrook did at the time which didn’t go over well, but redesigning and streamlining the flow could work (especially seeing how popular Rogue like titles are).

A new 2D Turrican would be popular, as would a new Last Ninja or a Creatures (again 2D in that case).

But a modern day Stunt Car Racer would be amazing. It’s been tried, but it’s never felt as solid as Crammond’s original game IMHO.

Andrew Fisher TILT by Codemasters would work well with the accelerometers in smartphones/tablets!

Stevie Aaron SEUCK!

Paul Smallman To be honest, none – because they were perfect the first time round (this dude’s never played Wec Le Mans, clearly – Ed) CF

mightybrain_jarThe Mighty Brain asks his Big Question every Thursday on our Facebook page. Like us and take part to see your memories on these pages! Go back to the Mighty Brain’s Big Question home page by clicking hereThe new Mighty Brain artwork was created for us by Cameron Davis, who makes video game comics at Blow The Cartridge. Cheers, Cameron!

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